Created exclusively by Chef Michael Noble

Noble Fare by Chef Michael Noble offers people in the Calgary area access to inspired dishes and curated cocktails that amplify your life moments and gives you the luxury of focusing on enjoyment, indulgence, relaxation and celebration.

We approach everything with love. Our inventive menus offer a dash of urban grit encompassing an understated elegance or a rustic comfort approach. We accommodate our menus for any event and we work collaboratively with you to create an unforgettable yet comfortable culinary experience. Noble Fare takes pride in working with select local famers and producers, who provide our menus with fresh seasonal ingredients.

We offer two types of catering: drop off & full service. Delicious offerings, small bites, boards, wholesome plated meals, delectable sweets - all made within the kitchens of The Nash and NOtaBLE.

We aim to elevate and amplify life events through quality food, wine, and cocktails. You celebrate, we cook.



We love to cook food that evokes conversation and positive emotion through the use of amazing products, well founded culinary techniques and passion.

The food concept is based on high quality natural ingredients sourced from as many sustainable local growers and producers as possible. All of our healthy offerings leave you satisfied at any style event.

our suppliers

We value our relationships with local growers and producers, and know many of them personally. The passion they show pushes us to be equally passionate about how we prepare and present our food.